Blog Week 22: Back to work, back to what?

Sunday 23 April 22.28

Back to work tomorrow, but back to what? After the Christmas break there were all sorts of changes in the office. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow.

Monday 24 April 22.19

Back in the office and post-holiday upheaval (as usual).

Apparently Bill has a new secretary; I met her secretary this morning. All I'll say is that if her hair was blonde she could be called Barbie. In fact that is what I think I will call her.

I know that is a bitchy remark and I really should not direct my annoyance at her. I just wish I had received a bit of advance notice. My new function in the organisation has yet to be defined and I feel a bit uncertain about what is going on.

Pierre could not tell me anything. He is quelling some storm in the other office. It is late - I'll have to write more tomorrow.

Tuesday 25 April 23.58

Other stuff happened during my holiday absence but I better talk about it another time.

Today was another away day from the office.

Early in the morning I had to get on a train to deliver something superurgent for a hearing in Luxembourg.

I was amazed to see Mal, from the other (my last) office, also on the train. She too was on her way to Luxembourg to deliver something - related to the same hearing. Strange coincidence for us both to be heading down for the same hearing; well maybe not.

Anyway it gave me a chance to find out a bit about what has been going in the other office. Morale there seems particularly low. Mal said a lot of concern has been caused by the office relocation - and the absence of Pierre has not helped the day-to-day running. That office has never suffered from high morale - I just was not there long enough to appreciate it. General frustration levels have been increasing recently, particularly as no one in authority wants to make any decisions. The situation boiled over a few weeks back when the new office location was announced. Mal would not go into any details about what exactly happened. Shame because I really wanted to know.

For once I would not be the last to know.

Wednesday 26 April 23.51

So finally I can say a little about what I learnt on Monday... I arrived after my Easter break to find out that Rodney and Cherie are leaving the firm. A US law firm is setting up a Brussels office and they are going to be heading that practice.

They leave at the end of the month (ie Friday) and the office is in slightly more chaos than usual in organising their departure.

Bill is very busy at the moment dealing with merger issues, apparently not bothered by Rodney and Cherie's imminent departure.

I currently have some sort of temporary "float" role and am helping Bill's new secretary, Barbie, get settled in. Pierre is working pretty much in the other office at the moment and not answering his email. So for the moment I'll just drift on in the office.

Friday 28 April 00.06

Another chaotic day. Thank god there is another long weekend coming up. I'll have to write more another time. There was some calm around the office as the general news from Luxembourg has been positive so far. More soon ...


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