Blog Week 31: Project Brochure begins ...

Sunday 26 June 23.39

Last night's World Cup match between Argentina and Mexico was great: so much excitement and what a goal. Disappointed by tonight's Holland v. Portugal game; it had so much potential.

Well back in the world of my office ... On Friday morning, Fox announced he had to go to the Commission library. He sent an email and had left by the time I read it. I rushed after him and arrived in time to see him enter the building. Everything then became a bit of an anti-climax as I discretely hung around and waited and waited. At lunchtime I got a sandwich as quickly as I could (the queues were quite long) and then continued to wait.

After a while Pierre called, telling me Fox had arrived back in the office and asking why I was still hanging around the Commission library. He sounded suspicious - like he thought I am the one doing something else during office hours. I explained about the sandwich and returned to the office quietly fuming, frustrated by this stupid surveillance task.

Monday 27 June 23.16

Tonight's Ukraine v. Switzerland game was so boring. Gave up watching during extra time.

Fox was in the office today - nothing to report.

The first brochure committee meeting took place today. Despite no formal agenda and arriving late, the two partners in charge took the meeting very seriously. They quickly got into a discussion about drafting style: the big issue was whether the document should be written in UK English or US English. Believe it or not, this is actually quite a sensitive topic given the transatlantic nature of this merged firm.

As our bosses became increasinly absorbed in that fascinating discussion, the few support staff present tried to look interested and hide their boredom. The one token associate involved in this project could not hide his boredom: he tapped away on his Blackberry. The scheduled time soon finished and the meeting continued for another 30 minutes. Nothing was really decided - other than there should be another, shorter meeting "to develop what has been decided" later in the week.

Cannot wait.

Tuesday 28 June 23.27

Again Fox was in the office. Hedgehog, the other main library person, told me Fox was acting suspiciously yesterday (a constant stream of whispered mobile phone conversations throughout the day). Something is definitely going on; and I am the woman to find out!

Mockney is very happy: he found out today that Barbie will be sitting near him for quite some time. He believes she is a "babe" and, from the way he hangs around her, clearly thinks he has a chance. I think she sees him as helpful to have around. So everytime she goes all Penelope Pitstop when something trivial happens ("help! help! I do not know how to refill the printer), Mockney is there to help. He probably sees himself as Superman, she probably sees him as a helpful geek. I always sound so bitchy when it comes to discussing Barbie. 

A bit of attention is nice every now and again...

Wednesday 29 June 23.33

Fox went to the Commission library again today with me in (hidden) pursuit. In fact, he did not go to that building, but a more modern one not so far away.

I was on the other side of the street as he entered that modern building. The receptionist there clearly knew him, they smiled at each other as he headed to the lifts. I called Pierre from outside the building and read him the list of companies located there. I did not realise that the law office of a couple of partners that recently left our firm (Rodney and Cherie) is based there. Pierre seemed quite happy; he told me he had enough information for the moment and I should come straight back to the office.

Pierre clearly knows more than he has told me.

Thursday 30 June 23.36

Second meeting of the brochure committee today.

Thankfully it was a lot more organised than Monday's meeting. One of the partners in charge could not attend and, as a result, a lot more was decided.

Regarding the all-important issue of whether the brochure should be written in UK English or US English - there will be two versions. A decisive decision to please everyone.

I do not have to work with Weirdo - quite some relief.

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