Blog Week 32: Who would you be?

Sunday 2 July 23.49

How is it Germany is so succesful when it comes to penalty shoot-outs? And why is England so bad? And what has happened to Brazil and Argentina?

Too many questions and I have no idea what the answers are.

But England's preference for 'heroic failure" over winning and Germany's preference for "clinical victory" over football artistry got me thinking about people in the office. If you were a football team, who would you be?

Monday 3 July 19.43

Again fabulous weather at the weekend. Was at the coast yesterday - unsurprisingly it was totally packed out. All those trips to the gym have been worth it: still look pretty good in a bikini.

Fox has taken this week as holiday, so no surveillance work to do.

Speaking of holiday, I have been saving mine up this year and I might take some time off this week. Perhaps a few days in Germany to soak up some of the World Cup atmosphere?

Anyway yesterday I was talking about who in the office would be which World Cup football team. Well Mockney has to be England - lot of talk, little to show for it. Just look at his laboured efforts with Barbie. Mockney would actually enjoy being England given his wannabe Cockney patois. Barbie has to be Spain - looks great, but the initial veneer soon wears away. I have noticed she is starting to irritate one or two people around the office, including her boss, Bill. Pierre is like Germany - never to be underestimated, always there at the end. No idea where he gets the energy from to keep going.

If I was a was World Cup football team, who would I be?

Too confusing to say. But who would you be?

Tuesday 4 July 23.21

Decided to take the second half of the week as holiday. Driving with a friend to France.

We can join in the World Cup fever there instead of Germany. Just as well given tonight's result. In my opinion (for what that is worth) Germany were resilient, but Italy had the edge throughout with their speed and fluency.

Lets see what happens tomorrow night ...

Thursday 6 July 14.53

Located an Internet cafe on my travels. Great time in France so far. The reaction after last night's victory was incredible. Still recovering ...

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