Blog Week 58: The new and the old.

Sunday 31 December 18.06

Has been pretty mild in Brussels for this time of year. Been receiving emails and text messages this afternoon with best wishes for 2007. I guess everyone has learnt from previous years not to try to text around midnight. Celebrating New Year's with my boyfriend and some friends. Whatever you are doing tonight, enjoy yourself!

Tuesday 2 January 00.16

Starting my new position tomorrow. New year, new start.

Tuesday 2 January 23.21

Saw Bill first thing this morning. He told me Pierre was taken ill over the holidays (an old health problem has flared up again) and he won't be back for a while. Pierre's temporary replacement is starting on Monday - some guy from another office.

A short email came round mid-morning announcing the Pierre situation and mentioning my promotion. Mockney came over immediately wanting to know more about Pierre. As always I had to admit I don't know anything. Somethings don't change.

Wednesday 3 January 23.22

Not that many people in the office this week. Everything feels quiet. The post-holiday, early January atmosphere hangs in the office. That "morning after the night before" feeling but without the regretful behaviour (regretfully).  Just a warm holiday memory to keep us going through January.

Thursday 4 January 23.52

In Pierre's absence, Weirdo came complaining to me about something or other Mockney was supposed to have done. Or not done. Its the same old song, just with new lyrics. I pretended to listen, nodded in the right places and looked concerned. There is a sort of rhythmn when feigning concern to Weirdo's latest tale of woe. I have seen Pierre do it. The concerned nods, soothing words. But judging from Weirdo's nonplussed reaction as she left it is something I still need to practice.

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