Blog Week 60: A conspicuous absence.

Sunday 14 January 21.36

Laurel & Hardy left early on Friday. He popped his head round the door, told me something had "come up" and remained, of course, contactable via his Blackberry. Bill came looking for L&H mid-morning and cursed when I said he had already departed.

Monday 15 January 23.07

According to Mockney, a very important person is visiting the office soon. Someone (until recently high up somewhere important) is joining the firm. I have given up trying to work out where Mockney finds this information.

No sign of Laurel & Hardy today.

Tuesday 16 January 23.13

Still no sign of L&H.

Wednesday 17 January 23.33

Bill told Old Timer and I about the visit of the very important person next week. He said we may need to be around to help with the organising in Pierre's absence. He did not mention Laurel & Hardy. It is like L&H does not exist.

I have noticed that Johan does not play much of a management role these days. A little absence in a meeting here, an email signed by Bill only there. It must be adding up to something.


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