Blog Week 65: Managing to mismanage.

Sunday 18 February 23.41

I alluded to our HR crisis a few months ago but never went into any detail. Well it is still wiser if I don't say too much. I know that is not very interesting but you never know who is reading...

The crisis does not concern one particular matter but is more an accumulation of various matters. A small part of it is concerns the personality of one of our HR partners. (Before the merger each office had an HR partner. So, of course, post-merger we had two partners. As you know if ever a difficult decision had to be made, it was avoided.)

One of the partners can politely be described as a peculiar character. One example: pre-merger he had a habit of suddenly telling final round candidates that upon joining the firm they would immediately be seconded to the home office (for an unspecified initial period). Nothing wrong with saying that? Sounded very attractive for all sorts of reasons. But I don't think any lawyers were ever actually seconded. The partner knew what he was doing; raising expectations just to dash them. (Why? That's another story.) It was never a big problem. Yet as is often the case here, while nothing was said out loud this antic did not go unnoticed by most of the other partners and associates.

Finally the other partner (a straightforward person) has started to express her disapproval in small ways. That friction smoulders in many places.

Tuesday 20 February 23.21

I mentioned Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a couple of bickering lawyers, almost a year ago to the day (click here). Well through a combination of luck and management genius, a rematch is taking place. It promises to be wrestling with no holds barred. I've booked my ringside seat.

Thursday 22 February 22.57

A few people, mainly support staff and a few lawyers, are leaving us. Replacing the lawyers (due to their level of experience) should be ok. Replacing the support staff will not be. Old Timer has his work cut out and he does not seem happy.

Laurel & Hardy appeared today, briefly. It still amazes me how he can drift in, drift out without anyone noticing.

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