Blog Week 66: Distracting attraction.

Sunday 25 February 2007 23.03

How many people do you deal with that you never meet? Telephone voices, faceless emails. Not sure why but pictures flash in my mind of what someone looks like. Or perhaps it's what I hope they will look like. Sometimes I'll then come across a picture (like on a website or in a brochure). But often my picture is far more interesting, because it is in my head.

A partner from another law firm has been visiting our offices quite a bit lately. Not during office hours. Being discreet, I was asked to make the arrangements. I spoke with the guy and he had a strong, warm voice. It sounded sort of sexy.

So I was disappointed when I saw the guy. I have seen Form COs with more sex appeal.

Wednesday 28 February 23.08

One of the male partners brought his (relatively) new-born baby into the office for a few hours today. There was some sort of domestic crisis and he had to cope. Despite the female offers he did not need any help, even with the nappy changing.

Why is it attractive to see a man do something like that? Especially in the office.


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