Blog Week 67: Cup, lose and personnel.

Sunday 4 March 23.06

Last Friday afternoon Neanderthal was in another mood. As Laurel & Hardy was not around, I was the lucky recepient of some Neolithic gnarls and club waving.

Neanderthal had noticed a client had been served tea in a chipped tea cup. And what was I supposed to say? I smiled, looked sympathetic, kept quiet...and tried not to show my frustration.

I don't mind getting in trouble for something I've done (or not done). But I get pissed off with being in the firing line for someone else's mistake.

When Neanderthal had finally left, a raincloud of frustration entered and burst forth a show of pointlessness. Because Neanderthal does not get along with Bill (or most of the other partners) he prefers this "direct action": speaking to the plebs like me "to get stuff done." Normally he would have spoken to Pierre (who of course would have taken action immediately). Unfortunately as Pierre is still on sick-leave, we have this joker, Laurel & Hardy, filling in. So I have to do instead.

I know I sound negative, but my frustration regarding L&H is starting to mount up. I feel pissed off that L&H is hardly ever around or responsive to emails and yet he, not me, has the job (and is paid) to deal with this crap from Neanderthal.

Tuesday 6 March 23.14

We have just lost a client. Or rather, we have been dropped by a client.

Financially it's not the end of the world. Officially we remain on the client's list of preferred external advisors (but that's just because we are still dealing with a few ongoing matters for them).

The cause is not clear and we'll wait for the repercussions. While there has been a lot of rain outside the building recently, the lack of making it inside concerns some.

Thursday 8 March 22.49

Personnel matters were a talking point today. Some support staff have left and the partners want to know why. I do not know if we'll find out the real reason(s) and, even if we do, is it wise to tell the partners? In any event these support staff are going to be a pain to replace.

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