Blog Week 79: Biting the hand that feeds you.

Monday 28 May 22.09

Went cycling in Dutch and Flemish Limburg this holiday weekend. Great fun. Back in Brussels. When will the summer return?

Tuesday 29 May 23.36

Last week some of our lawyers attended a conference. It was the usual game of "conference tag", one person attending for one session, someone else for another. You know how it goes.

There was a lot of interest in one keynote speaker. The frission of pre-speech anticipation - just in case something insightful was said - was followed by the mild disappointment that nothing new had been said.

Too Kool was the firm attendee for that session. Before she (recently) joined us, she had completed a dissertation on a subject this particular speaker was heavily involved in. To some extent she is more expert than this expert.

Too Kool had questions to ask but no opportunity to ask them. The Q&A afterwards was unfortunately dominated by journalists questions. Those questions were, as is often the case, quite banal. For them some content was created and some visibility gained, but the specialists in the audience had to patiently wait as time slipped away.

Too Kool was mightily frustrated. That should be the end of the story. But then something small but significant happened...

Wednesday 30 May 23.56

There is an intensity about Too Kool that I had not noticed before. It is not clear exactly what was said but during the coffee break either she said something to one of the journalists or said something about one of them that was overheard. It was not the wisest step to take. This journalist told her editor, who happened to have once upon a time studied with Bill. So the editor contacted Bill. I wish I knew more. Certainly it seems like a storm in a teacup.

Old Timer was talking about Too Kool's naiviete today. He said she clearly does not understand the way things operate. Particularly about who needs who? and who needs who more? After all it is a complicated relationship. Bill occasionally gives quotations to the media. He also wants to keep his "ear to the ground". But this media outfit needs us. We subscribe to their products and have provided them with content.

Bill spoke with Too Kool. Not to tell her off. Just to ask her to be more discrete.

Still she was quite upset afterwards. In the kitchen I saw Mockney telling her not to worry about it. Perhaps the name Too Kool was not correct? After all getting upset like this is not too cool. I thought she was made of harder stuff.


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