Blog Week 90: Men behaving madly.

Monday 13 August 00.03

At the end of last week all three stooges were back in action (the gang of lawyers that have been plaguing Shakespeare and his team). Rested after their holiday, they were ready to cause various types of mayhem. The junior one was being a particular pain criticising pretty much everything that had been collected and drafted so far.

On Friday morning I walked past Shakespeare's office as he was on a call with that pompous idiot. I heard Shakespeare patiently explaining all the ins-and-outs of the various responses.

Afterwards Shakespeare was talking to Bill in the kitchen about the call. "I've come to expect it from these muppets. They like the sound of their own voices. Most of the time they don't actually know what they are talking about, factually, or in terms of the procedure or practice. If you block out their sniping, arrogance and preening, then everything becomes manageable." He smiled and headed off, waiting for the next obstacle to be thrown in his path.

On Wednesday we have a public holiday (yeah another one!). As most of the rest of the office is pretty quiet I am going to see if I can take a few days off this week. I would prefer to save these holidays for another time but a girl needs her sunshine...


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