Blog Week 91: Back to the future.

Sunday 18 August 23.27

Did manage to escape to the sun. Feel a bit refreshed and relaxed. Now have that typical Sunday evening feeling, wondering what lies in wait in the office tomorrow.

Monday 19 August 23.38

Most of our support staff are having their evaluations in September. But a few others (Pierre, Old Timer, myself) are having ours before then.

Filling in the evaluation form got me thinking about my progress since my last evaluation. I have not made so many mistakes and my awareness of the office has changed (looking at this world from a different perspective).

What is interesting is looking to the future - thinking about what possiblities lie ahead. Old Timer enigmatically (as ever) once asked me: "How many rungs are on your ladder?". I am not sure, but it has got to be more than being Bill's secretary.

Thursday 23 August 00.06

Today Mockney told me about a minor matter in one of our other offices. It reminded me of something I mentioned a while back; strange how life imitates art.

A little while ago a relatively new partner submitted a photo for their profile on the firm website. Being polite, let's say the photo was from a younger, more vibrant time in that partner's life. The inconsistency in image v. reality became a bit of a joke amongst the local partners. At first the partner did not say anything. But after a while the partner started to take the joke the wrong way and recently said something.

The solution has been for new photos to be taken of the local partners, together with the latest image adjusting editing. So in future no one will look anything other than their best. It remains unclear how much this will cost. But a happy partnership is a harmonious partnership. Unless you happen to meet them in person...


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