Blog Week 101: Speaking in tongues.

Sunday 28 October 22.04

All last week there was an eerie silence amongst the partners. No one else has talked about that meeting. That includes Mockney (maybe Old Timer gave him some advice). All appears as business as usual.

Monday 29 October 21.31

Last week my hot stagiaire came to talk to me two or three time. It was about nothing in particular. One time he was asking about the Christmas party. I had completely forgotten about it (particularly as I have nothing to do with arranging it). Last year's party flashed across my mind. God I hope this year's one is quieter.

I was wondering if my hot stagiaire was flirting with me. He is very charming...

Tuesday 30 October 22.28

I came across the three ghouls in our reception this morning. They must have been waiting for a taxi or something. The thoughtlessness of one of them knows no bounds. He was slagging off our firm in a language other than English. Why he thought no one in our office would understand him is beyond me.

I could not resist going up to him and asking, in the same language, whether he and his colleagues would like a drink while they waited. His immediate reaction (jaw dropping, eyes bulging) was wonderful. He tried to regain his composure: he smiled insincerely, thanked me for my kindness but unfortunately they were all about to leave. I think the idiot thought he was being charming. I smiled back, equally sincerely, and then continued on my way. I could feel his eyes, like daggers, in my back.

Wednesday 31 October 19.25

Turns out ghoul numero uno's dagger eyes were not plunging into my back but somewhere slightly lower. That fool apparently interpreted my drink enquiry as me propositioning him! Speaking with a forked tongue during a conference call this morning, he shockingly told Shakespeare that perhaps I am not "getting any"! Naturally Shakespeare did not respond. But late afternoon in the kitchen he did ask me about the incident. I explained what happened and pointed out that I have a boyfriend (regarding the "getting it" comment). The timing was not great because I was flirting with my hot stagiaire at that moment. I should have realised that today of all days ghoul numero uno would cause trouble.

Thankfully tomorrow is a public holiday here (yeah another one) so this incident should all be forgotten about when I return next week. Now I have to jump on my broomstick...


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