Blog Week 113: Office insecurities.

Sunday 20 January 18.56

Hairy's farewell drink on Friday soir was quite low key. Due to this wretched cold going around some people did not attend. But Hairy was never a popular person. I was standing at the back as she had made her thank you speech and wondered how many others want to follow her and join Bill.

Monday 21 January 21.19

Pierre has said Hairy's office will remain empty for a while. After the recent departures, Neanderthal wants to take the opportunity to rejig the office set up. It sounds like change for the sake of change. And more work for Pierre, Old Timer and me.

In the meantime Hairy's office has been stripped clean. The only thing left is her desk. It must be the office equivalent to a plague of locusts.

Tuesday 22 January 23.00

Neanderthal means business, so the partners meeting is now taking place tomorrow. For some reason Pierre and Old Timer have to attend towards the end.

Wednesday 23 January 22.39

Pierre and Old Timer were not very impressed by the partners' meeting. I heard about it before I left ce soir.

By the time they arrived Neanderthal was trying to crack jokes and jolly things along and failing miserably (on both counts). The other partners looked decidedly pissed off and one was, at all costs, avoiding eye-contact with Neanderthal. Neanderthal's one-time rival, Johan, attended via telephone speaker - so any displeasure was hidden.

The meeting achieved little due to the lengthy, heated discussion over Neanderthal's proposed (and unnecessary) office reorganisation. So the important decisions have been postponed for another time.

Thursday 24 January 23.06

Various items of stuff have disappeared from around the office. We are not quite sure how long this has been going on for. Outsiders have been in the office recently - particularly with the departures. So everyone has been told to be on guard.


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