Blog Week 114: Inside jobs.

Sunday 27 January 22.01

It is a really discomforting feeling as places like the office are like a second home. I have never had the bad luck (touch wood) to have my appartment broken into. But I know people who have. Usually the stolen items are replaceable, but that stinging emotional violation is more difficult to overcome.

It makes me wonder about the speed at which Hairy's office was stripped bare. Just who was doing what?

I'm not sure if the police have been told as yet. Do we need the publicity? And what could they do anyway? Luckily the thief (or thieves) have not taken the most valuable items. (You know what I mean, in our world the invisible and barely visible contain the real value). Old Timer misquoted Mr. Wilde on Friday: the thieves only the knew the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Monday 28 January 23.28

Mockney suspects the thefts were an inside job. He plans to catch the culprit by laying a trap. I suspect that Mockney is going to waste a lot of time in an effort to be acclaimed the office Colombo.

Tuesday 29 January 21.25

Recent events get more bizarre. An anonymous letter arrived this afternoon. Some words, in bad English, said the sender had something of ours and we could get it back for money. The letters of the words had been cut-and-pasted (how rare it is to use that phrase in it's original meaning) from local free newspapers, Passe-Partout, Vlan and Metro. The whole thing had a comic and amateur quality - as if it were out of Scooby-Doo.

Later our Colombo (otherwise known as Mockney) spent an hour "analysing" the anonymous letter and ran around announcing the words had been cut from free newspapers. He thought he was amazing. But was more amazed to find out we had worked that out within five minutes.

As I was leaving Pierre was about to have a meeting with Neanderthal about this latest event and whether now to call the police.

Wednesday 30 January 22.41

The perpetual theme of cost-cutting arose again today. With my (limited) understanding of trends in the business world I know there is a general trend towards outsourcing. However someone somewhere has suggested maybe some outsourced office activities can be insourced (if such a word exists?). I have to identify the potential activities, or jobs, that we can "bring inside". I really don't know where to begin looking - perhaps we can do our own paper shredding?

Thursday 31 January 21.50

Found out that nothing will happen with the Police concerning our cartoon ransomers. The partners have decided to take no action. Their natural default reaction probably is the right way to go. Let the cartoon crooks make the next move.

Mockney looked a bit put out when he overheard. No idea why. I wanted to ask him if this is a case of case closed Colombo? But dared not. So far he has not explained what his trap is. I hope it is nothing too important...


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