Blog Week 107: Croaking to death.

Sunday 9 December 22.23

I am feeling miserable. I have been suffering with a really bad sore throat. It has been on and off these past couple of weeks. Could not blog last week as basically I needed the sleep. Basically it has killed any fun over the past few days. Had to forgot about visiting any of the Christmas fairs.

I blame the office air conditioning. Everytime I seem to get better I just get worse. I don't want to go in tomorrow morning. But I have to sort out Bill's move to his new firm.

Monday 10 December 22.11

Woke up feeling terrible. Mid-morning I went to a doctor to get the inevitable antibiotics prescription. I tried to avoid talking to people as much as possible today - just locking myself away. I've seen our lawyers do it often enough. I just about managed to survive the rest of the day.

Tuesday 11 December 22.46

The antibiotics are starting to kick in and finally I feel human again.

Today was spent dealing with Bill's move to his new firm - in my "liaison" role. I find it interesting to see how other firms are set up (sad but true). It's like I have heard the name somewhere and can get a glimpse of the reality. Perhaps it is the voyeur in me? I have dealt, or "liaised", with a couple of people on the other side. The more senior one is very sensible and the younger one more lively (perhaps a less reckless version of Mockney?). But they are professional and friendly and I just hope it continues like that. I would not like to deal with the support staff working with the three stooges. After all "birds of a feather stick together"...

Wednesday 12 December 23.09

What is going on? As I was heading out the door this evening Mockney told me Weirdo will be leaving with Bill. And Barbie is not going - she will stay and become a float secretary. I thought he was joking at first but he told me he had it on "good authority". That is Mockney-speak for he has intercepted and read various partners' emails.

It does not make much sense to me. I know Bill has been acting erratic in recent weeks. But he is going to so regret taking Weirdo with him. Why is he doing it?

Thursday 13 December 23.55

It is true. Weirdo is the only person leaving with Bill and Barbie is staying. All I got was an email confirmation from Pierre - but no explanation. Mockney is on holiday (taking advantage of the week pound to go to London). Maybe I'll have to wait till his return to find out what is going on.

Have to go to Bill's new office tomorrow to personally deliver certain documents. God knows what is in them. Normally Barbie would make the trip. But apparently not now and Weirdo has taken the week off ill.

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