Blog Week 106: Deja views.

Tuesday 4 December 02.13

Only a brief blog now. With Christmas approaching things are very busy socially. The Christmas party was certainly not like last year's. But it did offer a glimpse or two of some interesting events. More this evening...

Wednesday 5 December 00.20

This year's Christmas party was less raucous than a year ago. But that was no bad thing as I was fighting a persistent sore throat (something most people seem to be suffering from at the moment).

Nobody knew if Bill was going to attend. I don't think anyone had asked. I was sitting next to Shakespeare during the meal; he summed up the atmosphere by wondering when Banquo's Ghost would make an entrance.

There was more than a little sense of deja vu about the event. For example towards the end of the meal Neanderthal gave a speech followed by Johan. They didn't look very comfortable talking one after the other. As they were about to start Shakespeare whispered "here comes our new double act". I thought less a double act and more like a trouble pact. They made a big deal about who should speak first; each trying to be more gracious than the other. In the end Neanderthal kicked things off and, despite really trying, spectacularly failed to be funny. Johan was wise enough to steer clear of humour and simply thanked everyone for their efforts and to keep to the "we are all in this together" line. It was all more awkward rather than inspiring. But maybe I read too much into these things for the sake of my blog.

In fact Bill did turn up right at the end - with Barbie. Inevitably she is leaving with him to join the new firm. It seems she is the only person leaving with Bill. At least initially...


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