Blog Week 125: No thrill like an old thrill.

Sunday 13 April 21.48

On Friday afternoon Pierre (my boss) told me Neanderthal (the managing partner) has decided there will be an extra office event in the early summer. To do with boosting office morale. The event has to be something everyone can join in and will find thrilling - which I think means being a little different, innovative or other than the usual wine/cheese cocktail or barbeque. Apparently the budget will not be a problem (another exception to the ongoing office cost-cutting).

Pierre said as no new ideas immediately sprang to mind, he is delegating (ie dumping) this opportunity (ie unexpected, time-sensitive problem) on me. He suggested I do some discreet brainstorming around the office. What a pain.

Monday 14 April 21.56

Pierre sent an email today announcing the extra event and to find out which were the prefered days when everyone would like to attend. I was hoping that the response would be so poor that I could escape having to find a novel idea. But as I was leaving Pierre told me the response was unusually positive; both for the event in general and, amazingly, with near unanimity for one particular date. That is something unheard of in our office. Each year the date of the Christmas party becomes a controversy in its own right.

Pierre said he was looking forward to my proposal. I smiled. It was one of those times moments when I pretended to be positive about something that I really wished would just go away. But I don't think it showed.

Tuesday 15 April 21.26

Today Mockney and I went through some ideas for the summer event. It is difficult to find an activity that is sufficiently lowest common denominator to include everyone. People around our office have so many different interests, from the physical to the cerebral.

The best idea we could come up with is for everyone to go somewhere tranquil, split into teams and have a variety of physical and intellectual events throughout the day. Not really innovative - let alone thrilling - but it should be sufficiently inclusive. I'll find out what the "powers that be" think tomorrow.

Wednesday 16 April 23.36

Pierre liked the summer event idea. More importantly so does Neanderthal.

But strangely I am not going to be really involved in organising the event. Pierre has decided, in his words, to "disperse the responsiblity". He asked Mockney and Paranoid if they would like to organise the event. They jumped at the chance to organise it as that will alleviate the boredom of their day-to-day office routine. My only task is to put together the questions for the quiz at the end. I feel a bit sidelined.

Thursday 17 April 21.48

Mockney and Paranoid were making a lot of noise organising the event. I pretended like I am not interested. (As some American colleagues say) I am a bit ticked off.


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