Blog Week 126: Daydream believer.

Sunday 20 April 22.39

Being responsible for "special projects" means I am generally busy. But Friday was a quiet day, with me waiting on other people to do stuff.

I found myself staring out the window in the afternoon, just looking at the Brussels skyline. Mockney was not around for any comic distraction. I need to be busy or otherwise I get bored. My boyfriend calls it the "busy fool" syndrome. I am not sure what that means.

Monday 21 April 23.22

Well today was busy. An office integration project has arisen for one of our practice groups. I am the contact person and it is something different, liaising with a different bunch of lawyers.

Tuesday 22 April 22.56

More information about the office integration project tomorrow. There is a telephone conference about it.

Wednesday 23 April 23.42

Turns out some of the lawyers from the other office are really demanding. They want meetings and action and everything to have happened yesterday. My role is project enforcer, to pester various partners and counsel. But think I'll probably only actually be pestering their secretaries. Yet I have learned not to put too much faith in such titles. Form and substance are not always aligned in this legal world.

Thursday 24 April 22.11

I hardly ever dream. Or if I do then I don't remember them. But I woke up this morning with a strange image of past office people. There was the strange office manager, Yoda, the bullshitter, Laurel & Hardy, Weirdo, the bizarre secretary, all in a room talking over each other about the office carpets. I suppose it should be more of a nightmare than a dream. But I didn't wake up in cold sweat. Just feeling perplexed.


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