Blog Week 127: The frozen handshake.

Sunday 27 April 21.28

On Friday I got a glimpse of how a giant views an ant. A Highly-Paid Somebody from a non-European office was visiting. Neanderthal and I were discussing something in the corridor when he bumped into us. One moment I was talking to Neanderthal the next he was warmly welcoming the visitor as I suddenly became invisible. I just stood there, unintroduced, as they made small talk; uncertain whether to stay or go.

Neanderthal then had to answer a call, leaving me standing awkwardly with the visitor. I introduced myself and received a cursory handshake with a glazed expression that looked right through me. Just another face in another office. It was a cold moment, as I stood there feeling pointless. Thankfully alleviated by the visitor checking his Blackberry. And as Neanderthal's call finished I quietly left. My presence was not required and would not be missed.

Monday 28 April 23.37

Hedgehog, in charge of our Information Services, is having some sort of dispute with Mockney. It all comes down to the incompatibility of some information software with the firm's software security. I heard all about it: first from Mockney during my morning coffee; and then from Hedgehog during my afternoon coffee. (I have to remember to avoid the kitchen at certain times of day).

For some reason they have not spoken directly to each other. Instead they are just sending increasingly annoyed emails back and forth to each other. It's ridiculous really when you think how close their offices are. The wonders of modern technology. Go back several years and they would have had to at least speak to each other.

Tuesday 29 April 22.46

I mentioned the Mockney/Hedghog dispute to my boss, Pierre. I thought he would find it amusing. Not all at all. He has decided they (them and him) must meet tomorrow to resolve it. Sounds a bit exaggerated to me. But I'll let you know what happens.

Wednesday 30 April 23.34

Pierre could not attend the meeting so I had to go instead. It turned out that the software issue was to do with the vendor and nothing to do with us. So a lot of bother over nothing due to poor communication. Hmm that's never happened before. At the end Mockney and Hedgehog shook each other's hands. Well at least my boss is happy.

My role as project enforcer has already started to become frustrating. As I suspected last week I am indeed being screened by the partners' secretaries in other offices. So progress will be slow. I keep telling myself to stay patient. Pierre advised to keep a record of who I have contacted and when. Apparently I am entering the terrority of "Cover your back".


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