Blog Week 128: An unknown territory.

Sunday 4 May 23.14

I mentioned last week the territory of "Cover your back". I have had to enter it. All due to the lack of cooperation in a project where I am the "enforcer".

At the start of the project a lot of noise was made by certain partners in other offices about how urgent and important it was to get everything done quickly. Of course those noise merchants are now the ones holding everything up. There is a conference call tomorrow and it'll be interesting to see if the atmosphere is as gung-ho as it was before.

Monday 5 May 23.19

Well the conference call has been postponed till later in the week due to attendees' work commitments. Now there is a surprise.

Tuesday 6 May 22.47

I am building up a great relationship with some of the secretaries concerned. They have stopped making excuses and we just laugh about it. At least this project disharmony has created some office harmony.

Wednesday 7 May 22.48

Well the conference call took place today. There were a couple of sheepish voices. Certainly less bullish than before. I didn't have to get out my list of action I had undertaken. The timing on this project has slipped a bit. It's what it should have been from the start. We just had to go through the motions of unrealistic expectations.

Thursday 8 May 22.06

Not much to discuss today. The office was quiet - some people have taken time off (with Monday's public holiday on the horizon). It was that sort of day.

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