Blog Week 129: Roma-ntic times.

Monday 12 May 23.29

My boyfriend and I were in Rome for the holiday. The weather was gorgeous and the food superb. Something wonderful happened that I'll tell you about soon. So back to the office tomorrow. Arriving back in Brussels I always slightly dread what could be waiting for me. Probably best not to think about it too much.

Tuesday 13 May 22.18

Today I fell over as I entered work, ripping a small hole in my tights. I felt like a bag lady for the rest of the morning. Luckily there were not so many people around. It's interesting how increasing numbers of our lawyers prefer to work from home when the sun starts shining. Is it the same in your office too?

Wednesday 14 May 23.44

Less sun today so there were more lawyers in the office. I expect Old Timer has an equation that proves that particular theory. I'll just have to remember to ask him and then I'll tell you.

My boss, Pierre, congratulated me on my work with the cross-office group. Apparently he had heard about my delicate touch. I didn't think it would be recognised. I have been so long and yet I forget how walls have ears.

Thursday 15 May 22.47

Summer holidays are on the horizon. Some people were talking about theirs at lunchtime. But it all seems so far away.

I found myself longing for the weekend this afternoon. Strange given it is already a short week within a shorter working month (thanks to the public holidays). My mind is elsewhere. Thinking about more important things. More to blog about soon.


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