Blog Week 130: Crystal clear.

Sunday 18 May 22.48

A mini-scandal has emerged in one of our (newer) offices. Someone there decided to spend a ton of money on crystal decanters and the like. Apparently the right impression had to be created for clients. This antiquated attitude matched the antiquated crystal purchased (which, let's just say, is not something you buy in IKEA).

No sooner had the crystal been delivered then it disappeared. Which has brought up a separate insurance issue: is that office properly insured? I only found out because on Friday afternoon Old Timer stopped by. He told me, as always, with a twinkle in his eye.

Monday 19 May 22.38

This afternoon Mockney and Hedgehog were discussing the crystal scandal in the kitchen. My initial reaction was (oh no) here comes Sherlock Mockney with some crazy plan to catch the culprit. But nothing was said. They were both amazed at how much money had been spent on something so frivolous.

The money involved is not that big (after all law firms piss that much up the wall annually on unread brochures and other marketing crap). But it does raise the issue about how much financial discretion certain people have. Old Timer said to expect a clear reaction from the centre very soon.

Tuesday 20 May 22.31

The lack of financial controls has resulted in a mini-audit taking place across all offices. Someone is coming tomorrow to do some on-site checks. Old Timer and Pierre are fairly confident we are ok. They think the problem was specific to that particular office.

Wednesday 21 May 23.57

Just got back from watching the Champions' League final. Saw it with some friends in a packed Irish pub. By some miracle we got seats.

What a game. The tension during the penalty shoot-out was incredible. People will be talking about it for a long time.

Thursday 22 May 23.58

The mini-audit has been completed and all is in order. Although it has turned up something unexpected. I'll tell you about it in my next blog...


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