Blog Week 131: Known knowns and unknown unknowns.

Sunday 25 May 00.00

Was at a friend's Eurovision party last night. Being Brussels these parties are a bit inevitable but always good fun. Was really disappointed the Irish entry had not qualified for the final. It was hilarious; reminding me of Lordi, the Finnish rockers, from a few years ago. Look it up on youtube if you have not seen it yet.

Overall the songs were generally ok but everyone just wanted to get to the voting. So much barcardi and coke had flown by that point that I can only remember the laughter at the political voting. It is expected, widely-known and gets worse each year. But at least in a transparent sort of way.

Monday 26 May 22.38

During last week's mini-audit a few pages of miscelleaneous documents turned up. Somehow they had been misfiled. So they ended up on my desk as my busy boss was unsure if they related to anything sensitive (and could not be bothered to deal with them himself).

The pages related to nothing chargeable. All but one concerned some trivial marketing proposal from way back that never happened.

At first the other page felt a bit like trying to decipher hieroglyphics; it was written in a sort of code. Eventually I worked out that certain people in the office were being referred to by their initials only. Everyone except me. My name was handwritten in the margin with the phrase "would be an asset?" next to it.

It took me a while but then I had the eureka moment and it all made sense. Some partners left our firm ages ago (Rodney and Cherie - remember them?). This document seemed to be something written by one of them to the other concerning their departure. Strangely it was not marked confidential. It appears they were considering asking me to join them. Quite a surprise as I did not know either of them that well. But for some reason they wanted me to leave and work with them.

Tuesday 27 May 23.03

My boss is on holiday and only gets back later this week. So the documents remain sitting on the edge of my desk. I get a little buzz thinking about the one referring to me. I never realised what those other people thought of me.

Things are quiet this week so one or two questions keep buzzing around my head. How much would they have paid me? Would I have gone if they had asked?

Thursday 29 May 23.32

My boss was back today. I gave him the documents and a quick explanation about what belongs where. His eyebrow rose when he saw the one page document referring to me. I (as innocently as I could) asked what the reference meant. He looked perplexed and then smiled. He advised me not to think about it as somethings in life are best left unknown.

I left with a nagging feeling growing stronger at the back of my mind.


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