Blog Week 132: Cup fever.

Sunday 1 June 22.16

Does football ever end? It seems like one cup after another. Still I am not complaining - lots more fit guys running around building up a sweat... I mention this because on Friday we had two office draws for Euro 2008. All organised by Mockney.

I think it has been an excuse for him to walk around the office telling everyone what a shame it is that England have not qualified. I have never really undersood his anglophilia. One day I should ask why he just doesn't support his own country.

As it turned out there were not quite enough participants for the second draw so Mockers persuaded me to join in to make up the numbers. Having already drawn Austria I thought I might get one of the big boys second time round. Instead I got Switzerland. Hmmm more lunch money down the drain I fear. I probably should not have entered but sometimes I am too optimistic; a case of hope defeating experience.

Do I ever learn?

Monday 2 June 22.06

Our annual summer cocktail event is on the horizon. You probably have yours very soon. After all June is generally the month when law firms all over the city hire venues, bands, caterers and invite the usual suspects. I've blogged about it all before and so won't say anything further.

I am just glad not to be involved in organising our event. In fact I might not be attending...

Tuesday 3 June 22.49

It was Paranoid who first mentioned it a few days ago. Newsflash: some mugs, cups and saucers in the kitchen have started disappearing. I don't pay attention to such things and so ignored it.

Now she has raised the matter with Pierre who, to keep her happy, has asked me to investigate. This should be but is not a joke.

Wednesday 4 June 23.40

The mug matter has turned out to be totally harmless. As Mockney was tagging some cups first thing this morning the cleaner came in. He and her have had run-ins before and so she asked what the hell he was up to. He explained and she then explained some cups were broken when the dishwasher recently went a bit angry.

Why no one had bothered to ask her already was beyond me. Mockney was happy; for once he solved an office mystery without causing any mayhem.

As I stood hearing Mockney explaining to my boss what had happened I was left thinking bloody hell talk about much ado about nothing. When trivia like this happens I wonder what I am doing in this job. One day I am dealing with partners in our offices, the next I am part of a conversation about how the dishwasher needs fixing.


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