Blog Week 133: Fault lines (I).

Sunday 8 June 23.53

Something unusual happened on Friday: I overheard Pierre and Old Timer having an argument. Not a disagreement, but an actual full-blown argument (raised voices, no one listening, talking over each other). They are usually as thick as thieves, so to speak.

I would love to be above it all but their relationship is like a foundation for me in the office. Whatever other nonsense is going on, I feel security in knowing what to expect from them. It is all a bit unsettling; like hearing my parents having a pre-divorce argument when I was a child.

Monday 9 June 23.06

Paranoid and Hedgehog were having an argument in the kitchen this afternoon. I was on my way in and heard them really having a go at each other. I quietly walked back out without either one noticing that I had ever entered. I feel like I have tiptoe around the office at the moment.

Tuesday 10 June 22.53

Arguments are coming thick and fast at the moment. A couple of partners are up in arms about another proposed cost-cutting programme. Neanderthal, as the office managing partner, is trying to act as a mediator with the firm's powers-that-be. Why is all this happening at the same time?

Wednesday 11 June 23.21

Pierre and Old Timer appear to have kissed and made up. I have been keeping my distance from both over the past few days but had no choice but to get involved this afternoon. I got called into Pierre's office and then Old Timer came in. I froze for a moment expecting to have to dive for cover as the rematch started. But instead they just joked about Mockney's latest near-disaster. It was a relief but I still left as quickly as I could.

Thursday 12 June 23.45

Now it appears Paranoid and Hedgehog have kissed and made up. They were in the corridor discussing the Euro and the office draw.

Something has been going on around the office, underlying these arguments. I only wish I could understand the connection...

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