Blog Week 134: Fault lines (II).

Sunday 15 June 23.01

So where did it all go wrong? This being Brussels I am of course talking about the Irish rejection of the Lisboa treaty. I don't do politics, let alone europolitics. But the conversation came up during various football games this weekend in a couple of Irish pubs. So I thought I'd take a journey into the unknown, a bit like the EU at the moment...

The consensus amongst my Irish friends was the elimination of Dustin the Turkey from Eurovision was the key moment that swung the referendum. So basically it's all our fault. That's you, me and pretty much the rest of Europe.

If that sounds far-fetched think what would have happened if only everyone else had decided to give Irlande Douze Points? Apparentlhy winning and knowing they would be hosting next year's Eurovision would have reinvigorated Ireland's usual Euro fervour (and the latest round of uncertainty avoided). Instead we all get massive deja vu. Nice.

End of the europolitics...normal blogging to resume tomorrow.

Monday 16 June 23.19

It took me a while but now it is starting to make sense: just what all last week's arguing was about. Being the person responsible for special projects can, from an organigramme perspective, make me a ghost-like figure in the office; not being particularly fixed to any one function. (In that way I am in quite a different position to just about everyone else here.) This uniquenes has also meant a whole "political" issue has bypassed me.

So here is what I think happened. Some bright spark in another office had a bright idea about making the latest round of cost-cutting even more consultative than required. After all cut after cut leads to death by a thousand cuts and it is best that the patient is distracted while a limb is being slowly amputated.

The unusual openess of this round of cost-cutting meant the partners could argue about who's vested interests were going to die even quicker than usual. This issue filtered down the organisation: steadily declining in scope and increasing in noise. So there was the vocal argument between Pierre and Old Timer which in turn became the even more vocal (and toally unnecessary) argument between Hedgehog and Paranoid in the kitchen. Everyone had an opinion and was encouraged to share it. But since when do democracy and law firms mix?

The ripple effects of this bright idea have been felt throughout the office. What the lasting consequences are nobody really cares about as long as profits-per-equity partner are up. But like other bright ideas from super-intelligent lindividuals lacking even average wisdom the effects will be intangible, immeasurable and unintended. Wait and see...

Tuesday 17 June 23.25

There is a summer cocktail party tomorrow. I am not involved in the organisation. What moron decided it should clash with Euro 2008? Don't people realise that life exists beyond the law firm?

Wednesday 18 June 23.52

The summer cocktail reception was ok. I had a more peripheral role, drifting around like the ghost I have been. Why will all become clear soon.

Thursday 19 June 22.32

There was a lot of self-congratulation going on today concerning the summer cocktail party. Personally I thought it was self-justification for the low turnout due to the poor date selection. But if the relevant partner and others want to delude themselves by ignoring that fact (and the wasted food) and ignore any blame then that is up to them.

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