Lawyer-Accountant: Practical Advice

In this series of articles, Belgian accountant Bart van den Bossche gives some advice on the client-accountant relationship.

Please note: The purpose of this general advice is to help lawyers to become more aware of self-employment issues. This advice is for information purposes only and you are advised to get specific advice for your own situation.

This series consists of 4 parts:

(1) Practical matters. How regularly should you meet your accountant?

(2) Expectations. As a client, what service can you expect from your accountant?

(3) Cost. Information to research when talking to accountants.

(4) Disputes. What steps can you take if you have a dispute with your accountant?

Author: Bart Van den Bossche
First published: 12 November 2005
Last updated: 19 August 2006

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