Brussels Newcomer

This section focuses on information for lawyers and legal support staff interested in working in Brussels' international legal environment. In particular, this section is aimed at people who:

- are researching information about working in some part(s) of Brussels' international legal environment (such as Brussels-based law firms or international institutions); or

- are actually soon coming to work in Brussels' international legal environment.

While this section does not focus on general living and working issues in Brussels (such as health, social security, public administration matters), it directs you to websites giving such information.

Some articles about a few Brussels-based professional organisations which are useful for newly-arrived lawyers are kept in our Useful Organisations List.

Newcomer Practical Tip 2: Settling In - Accommodation

About to start looking for somewhere to live?  A few tips to help you with this important task.


Introduction (6): Advice on Choosing an Accountant

Finding the right accountant can make a big difference to your professional life in Brussels. This article offers some guidance in making your decision.


Introduction (5): The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Accountant

A few factors to consider in whether or not to choose an accountant.


Introduction (4): Who Can Help Me With These Tasks?

You are not alone!  There are lots of people who can help.


Introduction (3): What does Self-Employment Involve?

Which tasks should I be aware of when commencing my self-employed activity?


Introduction (1): Help! I am confused ...

Help! I am confused: I want to work as a lawyer in a Brussels-based law firm and yet I understand I have to be self-employed.


Trainee Information

The various EU institutions offer short-term positions for trainees/interns (referred to as "stagiaire" positions).

Stagiaire positions can offer a valuable insight into how a particular EU institution operates, as well as the opporunity to make useful professional contacts.

Other stagiaire positions are offered in a variety of international and NGOs in Brussels.


Introduction (2): Current Situation Overview

The status of self-employed lawyers in law firms is under review. This article gives a brief overview of the ongoing scrutiny.


Just Arrived, No Idea What To Do Next...

Most lawyers working in Brussels-based law firms find they are classified as self-employed.  This unfamiliar status can be initially quite disorientating, particularly when settling in a new city in a foreign country.

The following introductory series of short articles gives a soon-to-arrive or newly-arrived lawyer a basic overview of the issues to look out for.


Practical Tips: Introduction

Interested in working in Brussels?

Some practical advice for newcomers researching about or actually soon settling here.


Information Sources for General Living and Working Issues

Arriving in Brussels with so many things to research, organise and find out?

Here is a list of useful websites that help deal with general living and working issues in Brussels.


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