Fiscal Issues for Self-Employed Lawyers

This Fiscal Issues for Self-Employed Lawyers series of articles is designed to help understand the fiscal issues arising from your self-employed status.

Written by a Belgian accountant, Mr. Bart Van den Bossche, the seven articles deal with a variety of common issues.

Please note: The purpose of this general advice is to help lawyers become more aware of self-employment issues. As set out in the Terms of Use, this advice is for information purposes only and you are recommended to get specific advice for your own situation.

The articles are:

(1) Accommodation. Before you start searching for accommodation, keep in mind it is financially beneficial to look for certain types of accommodation.

(2) Corporate Form. Should you establish yourself as a self-employed person or create your own company? An overview of the subject before you undertake your own analysis.

(3) Social Security. An explanation of what the relevant organisations are and what payments you have to make.

(4) Income Tax. A summary of what you have to do.

(5) VAT. Do you have to register your professional activity for VAT? Find out.

(6) Business Costs. What constitues a business cost? A simple, but very important matter.

(7) Car. An overview of the main issues involved in buying or leasing a car for professional use.

First published: 12 November 2005
Last updated: 19 August 2006

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